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A cabin with slide out bays resulting in even more room inside our cabins. The slide out bay is extended (there are no special tools required), and a false floor is inserted into the area where the bay was originally located. Ideal for sites with narrow driveway access, such as camp grounds and allows use of your favourite household furniture such as beds and sofas once on site.

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All Portable Buildings are proudly made in Silverdale, New Zealand


Expander Portable Cabin - Floor Plan Option

Expander Portable Cabin - Floor Plan Option

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(7.2 x 2.4m) from $62,900
(7.5 x 2.4m) from $66,000
(8.0 x 2.4m) from $72,500
(7.2 x 2.7m) from $72,800
(7.5 x 2.7m) from $74,000
(8.0 x 2.7m) from $77,200

Pricing subject to final additional features.
(prices include GST)

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